🚀🚀 We have been VERIFIED on Etherscan. You will now see DogePirates in all transactions. 🚀🚀


We have been verified on Etherscan. You will now see DOPE in the transactions.

First Two Reveals are listed on , phase 3 reveal are running with instant reveals.

Limited supply of 3,333 NFTs. Each crafted with love. Each NFT sold at 0.0420 Eth. As you can tell it’s all about the memes with us.

Breeding, member’s area with perks, merchandising all to come in the near future. Keep reading below for more info or don't, I’m a pirate.


Welcome aboard scallywags! Jimmy, Splice the Mainbrace!! Landlubbers and old salts, all are welcome aboard the Flying Pearl. Sailing across the seven seas for months on end we have found booty for one and all. Everyone gets to get their hands on the mythical pieces of eight.

Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!! I just recalled, our coffer only remains with 3,333 NFTs. We were attacked by BlackBeard himself on our journey back. The remaining booty sank to Davy Jones' Locker along with BlackBeard and ship.

Our doubloons might be limited, but that only means their value is more than any other. This not be regular Gold, this be priceless booty.


Each DOPE is shipped as an ERC-721 Token on the Ethereum blockchain. We want our NFTs to mean more to you than just a collectible, we want each NFT to represent how much of a treasure each means to us; hence we spent hours perfecting each and every detail from the art to attribute names.

You are not just getting an original collectible, but a piece of art that is as beautiful as it is priceless. This is why we will only be minting a limited supply of 3,333 NFTs so that we don't over saturate between our collectors. Every number put in place, is a meme number from number of tokens to price and many more.


Marketing and Branding

Launch of DOPE

Giveaways and Competitions - Ongoing

Rarity-tools listing

Rarity-sniper listing - delayed

Easter eGG giveaways

Revamp of the whole site

Gallery to Showcase of all DOPE and their traits with rarity levels

Charity Donation

Shop implementation to buy your favorite DOPE pirate merchandise

Interactive website implementation

Member’s Cove, where DOPE holders can join for RUM


Considering DOPE use cases, we spent days so this stays as a full adventure even after minting is finished. We have hidden many easter eggs throughout our website, and also in trait names and in the NFTs themselves. We have also planned out phases of future updates, prizes and competitions. Here are some highlights:

A breeding system in place where DOPE can have offspring with other NFTs to create new traits and features

1 / 3

Treasure Hunt based on provided clues, solve the puzzles and win prizes

2 / 3

Secret revealed soon, a perk that can only be unlocked by a DOPE holder

3 / 3